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Application Instructions

The Parkinson Family Foundation's on-line grant application form has been divided into three sections: Organization Information; Contact Information; and Proposal Information. Each applicant is requested to fill in all three sections prior to the submission of their grant request. Within each section there are both required and optional fields. Please note that all required fields are marked with an asterisk (*) as indicated in the list of fields presented below.

If during an on-line grant application session, time or other constraints preclude you from completing all sections of the application form and submitting your request, a "Save" feature is provide so that you may return to this application session at a later date. Required to perform the "Save" function is an email address and a self-assigned password.

If you previously started and/or submitted an application, you can access the account you created with your email and password by clicking here.

NOTE: If you encounter problems accessing the online application form, you may send an email to Foundation Services with your responses to the questions listed in this document . Foundation Services will enter the information into the application form for you.


If you are having trouble accessing the application form, please click here for a Word document version. You can email the responses from this printed form to pff@fsllc.net. If you have additional problems or questions, please email us.

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Application Form