The Parkinson Family Foundation chooses to pursue its mission by concentrating on three main areas of focus: Food & Water, Faith & Evangelism, and Health & Humanitarian Efforts. The Foundation also recognizes the power and potential in education & community outreach and may be able to engage in grantmaking in these areas, though such efforts will be very targeted. In addition, we would favor organizations that promote American ideals such as freedom, liberty and justice.

Admittedly, there is a good deal of overlap in all these areas and a tremendous amount of philanthropic and charitable activity is covered. Therefore, the Foundation must be extremely selective in choosing with which organizations it will partner. Those groups with whom the Foundation has been able to develop a relationship will often receive greater consideration.

Declinations are not a slight, but a sign of the tremendous need worldwide and a result of determined priority for the Foundation, its members and its particular efforts in light of very limited resources. What drives our mission is the Greatest Commandment, but it does not limit our consideration of organizations that are not faith-based.

Requests should be made through the online application form.