Screening Process
  • Applications are accepted throughout the year. Upon arrival, grant applications are reviewed for completeness by the Foundation's staff and then forwarded to the Foundation's Directors prior to the start of their quarterly board meetings.
  • After evaluating an application, the Board will choose to: decline, approve, request additional information, schedule a site visit, or invite the applicant in for an interview.
  • Applicants, if declined, may re-apply no sooner than the next calendar year (from the date of the declined application) unless the nature or circumstances surrounding the request changes significantly. The subsequent application should describe these changes in full.

  • Areas of Exclusion
  • The Foundation generally will not provide grants to the following: organizations not determined to be tax-exempt under section 501 (c) (3) of the Internal Revenue Code; individuals; government agencies; international organizations; or organizations that subsist mainly on third party funding and have demonstrated no ability or expended little effort to attract private funding.

  • Helpful Tips
  • Whenever possible, grant requests should be made using the Online Grant Application Form.
  • Prior to proceeding to the On-line Grant Application module, please review the Foundation's Mission & Guidelines to ensure that the application will receive the consideration that it deserves.
  • Applicants should be as concise as possible when responding to all grant application questions. It may be helpful to formulate responses in a separate word processing program and then copy that information directly into the appropriate place on the application.
  • Please preview the formatting of your budgets before uploading. If you would like tips on formatting budgets, see our Budget Prep Guide.
  • Should any questions remain after reviewing the Foundation's Mission, Application Instructions, FAQs, and Guidelines, the applicant may contact Foundation Services prior to submitting its grant application.